Meet The Band

Four guys, who simply love the Red Hot Chili Peppers! It must have been fate that brought them together, possibly with a little help from ads on joinmyband.co.uk.

Since early 2015, most weeks they travel to Glasshouse Studios in Cumnor, Oxfordshire, working hard to hone their sound to be as close to the real thing as possible.

Then the best part of all is when they perform in front of a live audience, wherever in the country, at whichever venue, and let loose! A Red Hot Chili Peppers experience not to be missed!


Photo by Gary Osborne of Moonwolf Photography.

Matty "Anthony" Smith

Vocals and Biceps

Rocking out of a little place called Camberley and bringing up the front is a young man of many talents, most of which involve the chance of breaking bones and causing mischief making him a vocalist to be feared and respected!

From motorbikes to freerunning and even a bit of martial arts and pumping iron, there’s not a lot that he won’t try.

Never without a big smile and a passion for whatever he takes on you can expect plenty of energy and quality sound from his voice where he’s most at home, out in front getting the crowd on their feet and feeling the music!


Jordan "John" Hallett

Guitars and Attitude

Joining the band in September 2015, replacing co-founding guitarist Phil Hall, Jordan has an impressive musical background with his other project, San Raquel.

He seemingly knows how to play all of the RHCP songs. Yes, all of them. And all guitar parts of each of those songs. Just listen to our studio recording of Dani California!

He not only plays electric and acoustic guitars, but also sings backing vocals.

Photo by Gary Osborne of Moonwolf Photography.

Photo by Gary Osborne of Moonwolf Photography.

Werner "Flea" de Jong

Bass, Roadie and Sound Engineer

Co-founder of Midnight Jungle, a bassist extraordinaire, of not-so-famous Dutch heritage. Likes very few things more than being on stage, playing one of his beloved bass guitars, turning the audience into a sweaty heap of bouncing ecstasy.

He is often asked to turn down his sound levels, which is a request much more familiar to guitarists.

Rather unsurprisingly, he is hugely influenced and inspired by Red Hot Chili Peppers' bassist Flea.

He plays Music Man StingRay (identical to what Flea used in the early years of RHCP) and Warwick Streamer LX Jazzman bass guitars, through a Gallien Krueger backline (very similar to Flea's setup).


Rick "Chad" Nash

Drums, Professionalism and Experience

Rick joined the band in the second half of 2016, replacing original drummer AJ.

Rick is a professional drummer performing with a number of bands in and around Oxfordshire, such as The Mighty Redox, Phyal, Charms Against the Evil Eye, Torn Like Colours and Fork Boy. Clearly, he has plenty of experience to offer!

Photo courtesy of The Royal Hotel in Scunthorpe.

Past members

Photo by Midnight Jungle.

AJ "Chad" Ashton

Drums, Backing Vocals and Beanies

AJ is the original Midnight Jungle drummer, who unfortunately had to take time out to recover from back surgery. As a luthier, he is the go-to person in the band for repairs to all stringed instruments.

AJ is a multi-instrumentalist, with a striking resemblance of Chad Smith as long as he wears his baseball cap backwards.

Phil Hall "Frusciante"


Co-founder of Midnight Jungle, and former lead guitarist. Phil left the band in September 2015 to start a new project, the Rolling Stones tribute Who Stoned Who?.

Photo by Midnight Jungle.

Matty "Kiedis" Smith ‐ Lead Vocals
Jordan "John" Hallett ‐ Guitars and Backing Vocals
Werner "Flea" de Jong ‐ Bass
Richard "Chad" Nash ‐ Drums


Warwickshire ‐ Oxfordshire ‐ Berkshire ‐ Surrey
United Kingdom